Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Get 500 Views, 50 Clicks In Less Than 24 Hours

Hello everyone,this will be the first post on this blog, i had to start a new one about linkbucks and youtube because apparently the other blog was considered too spammy, my fault was that i didnt not shorten some links using bitly or and was probably added into a referral farm which then was removed.. soo to start off i want to hook you up with a better idea not to hurt your Youtube account, it worked for me now it'll work for you.

 First off, usually when there's a newly added mp3 online, and its not on youtube, this is when you take quick steps so you can be first,and mostly its easier when its really early when everyone's sleeping.Why? cause, no one posted the audio yet, making it 10x easier for you since it is not immediately posted on youtube. 

You're Source For New Music Related Material

Let me recommend some sites where you can find new music every single day. Here is a list that can lead you to brand new daily songs:

These are the top sites updated every few hours all the time, so you can be sure to find some good music here when they post up.

 Now, the idea here is to see who is on the track, and the name of the track(Also be aware of the time of the song). Now what you should do now, is download Windows Live Movie Maker(Unless you already have it)

Here's something, wheres the mp3, wheres the song? well, you dont need it. To keep it a bit fair or more into keeping this in the gray hat area, its best if promoting without the audio file or (Mute) is best because youtube can hit you with a strike on copyright and thus risking your youtube account if you have 3 strikes. In the description, just link them to the site. I doubt youtube would do anything to your videos.

  So now on the movie maker this is what you should do

Your first step is, add a picture of anything that belongs to you.(no copyright photos)


 After you add your picture, go to edit and where you see the duration you might need to check which numbers add up to the total minutes of the song that it should be. **This is important, and i'll explain in a moment. So i put 202.00 and the minutes were 3:22 seconds. After doing that,

Go to where it says save movie and label it the title of artist and song and press save.
When the file is done loading go to your Youtube channel and click upload. Now add the proper title, and put a nice description of the song and add your linkbucks link. Before you do that, it would help if you go to and shorten your Linkbucks link with bitly, it makes it easier on the eyes when you look at it on Youtube and people will click for sure. So you added the title, made your description, converted linkbucks link to bitly and then added to the description, now the thumbnail. The best picture here would be to use the picture provided with the song on the site because i did some research about thumbnails and fair use and you should look into it right here. Your file is done and uploaded and was fortunate to be the first upload, give yourself some props because this usually happens late at night or too early in the morning for some people to get to.

Before you leave your video for the day, for it to look a bit better go to the annotations, add a wide box saying   "song in link description". heres a picture for better view:

 Try and make it look creative and unique.

** To bring up why it's important for the time duration to match the length of the song is son when people see your video and the another similar video, they will see that the time for both video show the same, getting you equal possible views. Keep this in mind when attempting this.

In under 24 hours your video should look like this:

And there you go. Also, before i forget here are the 50 clicks i got from 500 views. which was roughly about 13 cents, not much but it was a productive few minutes that i took to get it to work. Thank you and i hope this helped you out.